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Why this brand is built?

One day in early 2018, my kitchen sewer was blocked. I was so anxious that I called the repairman in a hurry because its launch time soon. They came an hour later and took 10 minutes to clear the drain. But when I saw the bill, I was surprised that a simple job cost 200RMB(about 30 dollars). But soon I forgot about it.

Until one day when I was wandering on Taobao
 (the biggest e-commerce site in China), I suddenly found a tool for sewer dredging. Although it was not as professional and powerful as the tool of professional maintenance workers, it only cost 15RMB(a little more than 2 dollars) and free shipping. Thinking of the 200RMB bill, I didn't hesitate to place an order.

A few days after receiving the tools, my son accidentally stuck an orange in the water pipe, so I took out my tool, and it took only 10 minutes for the sewer to be dredged. 15RMB! 10 minutes! What a sense of achievement!

I went to foreign e-commerce websites to see if anyone is selling this tool b
ecause I work in international trade. The answer is ‘No’. But there are similar tools which are very expensive. What's the reason? Because China is the "world factory", which has the world's most complete supply chain system and the most cost-effective workers, they can produce all kinds of tools you can think of, cheap and easy to use.

So, I set up this website. I want to share China's cost-effective tools with people all over the world to help them solve problems at home and at work at the lowest cost. I hope
'Homegreg' can arm you with the most powerful and cost-effective tools and help
you guard and care your home and family easily. If we really helped you, we're honored! 
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